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The Christmas countdown has begun..

Keep calm, and eat your daily choc.. It's advent time!!

It's December 1st, 6:00am. My alarm goes off. Now, normally I snooze until 06:30, but not today, oh no, up and chocolate eaten by 06:03am. Am I a pig? When it comes to chocolate, yes. 

I have been deliberating all day if it would be acceptable to buy 12 calendars and have one every day of the year of 2016. I would certainly be a pig then but a bloody happy one at that! But wouldn't that be fantastic!?

A few people mentioned today that perhaps at the age of 24, I am too old for an advent calendar which was completely alien to me, since when was there an age limit on daily consumption of confectionery? Never? Thought so...

I love the 1st of December.I think as each year passes, Christmas is advertised on the tele and in the shops earlier and earlier, however you can guarantee, December 1st is when the Christmas spirit really awakens. The shops are all decorated, people are bustling around the streets with armfuls of bags, it's getting colder, I am eating more oranges and drinking more mulled wine by the day. 

So whether you have an advent calender or not, It's now December, its now the season to be jolly, its now the time to eat chocolate and tell yourself the diet starts a month today. 

Now keep calm, only 24 days to buy the presents, wrap them, sort the dinner, send out cards and watch Michael Bublé sing like an angel. 24 days!!! Panic stations at the ready. 

Tweet or message me what calendars you have! I got a Frozen one this year with FLASHING LIGHTS!!

Alfie got one too of course... 

Alfie and Teddy! 

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