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The French Road Trip!

Firstly,  I have not posted in a few weeks due to the manic rush before this trip. Work has been hectic, and trying to Christmas shop and pack is insane! But here I am and here's my trip blog... enjoy

After the quite choppy overnight crossing on the ferry (of which we got free macaroons) we started our drive down through France to the Alps.

We have been on the road for over 8 hours and it's been the most scenic day I could of asked for. Limited on the amount of photos I can take from a window at 70mph, I haven't got many to add to this post however I highly recommend a road trip to discover the beauty for yourself.

The first leg of the journey was filled with rolling valleys and farm animals grazing, gradually flattening out to rivers and fields as far as the eye could see. We are now nearly at Lyon, the hills are getting higher and the temperature is dropping.. we are getting closer!

Although I happily would've eaten them all, I didn't :)

So, the most important thing to mention; the food! 
Due to driving, we've only been to service station so far so had a baguette and a mini Toblerone however I am so excited to eat the amazing cuisine. Cheese, breads, fresh fruit tarts.. more photos to follow!

We are stopping at Chambray this evening which is at the base of the mountains, then it's a 45min drive tomorrow morning up to our chalet!


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