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Interview With Jim Blackwood

If you haven't watched the raccoons videos on Youtube, you really must! I stumbled upon this Youtube channel early last year and have been hooked since. Jim Blackwood, the man behind the camera kindly agreed to let me in on some inside info on the little cuties! 

Q: Hi Jim, firstly, thank you for agreeing to this interview!
Your Raccoon videos have become such a hit on Youtube, did you ever think they would have such a good reception from all over the world?

A: No I never thought about it.  I have had the videos on Youtube forever and it was Facebook that sent it flying.  I am recognised just about everywhere I go even in the big city of Halifax.  People even know the names of the two cats I have.

Q: In your videos, you show the various foods the Raccoons like to eat, is there anything they are really fond of?

A:  They really love the canned Vienna Sausages the best.  They get all excited when I have it for them.  I also barbecue real sausages for the and they go mad for those as well.

Q: You said you have two cats, are they okay with the Raccoons coming onto the porch and around the house?

A: Both are rescue cats and have not seen raccoons before moving in here.  They are very interested in them every time they show up.  Before they came I had a cat named Charlie and he was and outdoor cat and he would guard the deck and not let them up and I would have to bring him in so they could feed.

Q: You live in Nova Scotia, can you explain what its like to live there? The wildlife and general way of life there?

A: I love it here and I moved back after I finished my career in the RCMP.  My house location is perfect for someone who loves animals.  I get about just every kind of animal there is from Skunks, Squirrels, Bears, Deer to name a few.  The pace is very slow and hardly any crime.  

Q:  Do the Raccoons visit you all year around? And if so, how often a week do you see them?

A: The raccoon hibernate between the middle of December to April depending upon the weather at the time.  When they are out they visit my house every night of the week except in extreme rain storms even then one will show up for a feeding.

Q:  They seem very tame, are they like this because you feed them or are they generally a tame animal?

A:  It is because I feed them and they are usually young babies when they first arrive and think of me as a mother to them.  But they are still a wild animal and I treat them as such.  I have never been bitten in all the years I looked after them.  Sometimes a wild raccoon will show and not come near me but when he watches the other ones taking food from me it is not long before they do the same once they realise I am not a threat to them and gain their trust.

Q:  Do you have any future plans with the raccoons and your Youtube channel?

A:  No I produce the movies as a hobby mostly and because the public wants to see them and I love to share my experiences with the public and educated them about the raccoons.

Q: What do you love most about Raccoons?

A:  I love how they show me affection in their own way for what I do for them.  I also love how smart they are in figuring things out on their own.  How they handle their food with their finger like hands.  Did you know that they still eat in the wild naturally even though I feed them at night.  This does not interfere with their life style but helps them remain healthy longer.  Rascal will be 12 years old this April and it is because of me.  They normally only live 3 to5 years in the wild.

Q:  What can we do more, as viewers to raise awareness for the Raccoons?

A:  Well we can stop running over them with our cars for one.  Nuisance raccoons can be trapped and relocated rather than being destroyed.  You have to realise we moved into their environment and they only want to live and breathe like any other animal.  Raccoons are beautiful animals and each one has their own traits and habits.  I have found out over the years no two raccoons are alike.  Some will only eat certain foods not all will eat anything thrown at them.

Here are a few photos Jim kindly sent me too!

Here is a link to Jim's Youtube channel, I would recommend you subscribe as he uploads amazing videos of the Raccoons and cats on a regular basis! 

Thanks once again Jim! What an amazing guy! 

Let me know all your comments or thoughts below or on Twitter!

Much love, 

The Button Baker 

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