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Hi Everyone! Seeing as I am quite the book worm,  I thought I would write a monthly post about what books I have read within the month. I will try to keep it varied and will post reviews even if I didn't particularly like the book, so that it's fair. I have read quite a few books this month, some I have re-read and have found I have enjoyed much more the second time around. I doubt I will be able to review as many books next month, as my boyfriend's (Matt) family and my own family decided most of the birthdays are to be in March (mine and Matt's birthday included) so I have a lot of organising to do next month. However, I am going away for a week to Centre Parcs, so I am sure I will be able to squeeze a couple of reads in then! 

 Spectacles- Sue Perkins
Where do I start? I know.. I bloody love this woman!! Yes, yes probably because along with her sidekick Mel, Sue puts the "GREAT" in Great British Bake Off. But just when I didn't think I could love this woman any more, I read this book and she really is quite something. My dear dear friend bought this for me for Christmas and I read it within 2 days. I somehow managed to read the entire book with the ability of Sue's voice in my head narrating it for me. The first part of the book where she explains how she informed her family that she was writing a memoir had me in stitches. This book has you laughing with her, crying with her and cheering her on. There are so many great aspects of this book (Sue's brief encounter with Esther Rantzen, for example) that I didn't want it to end. Full of laughs, love and the highs and lows of life, Spectacles is a fantastic insight into the world of a very funny lady.

Shantaram- Gregory David Roberts
At nearly 1,000 pages this is a heavy read in both senses of the word.For me, Shantaram is a truly engaging read. It is exceptionally well paced and will take you on a journey that will, at times, leave you breathless and unable to turn the pages quickly enough. The authors' consummate depiction of character, place and drama will absorb you entirely in a relentless mêlée between the most noble and absolute base capabilities of human nature. Love, loathing, beauty, repugnance, tenderness and brutality - it's all here, in spades. However, there are two sections of this book which will enable you to catch up and assimilate, placed roughly at intervals between the first and second third of the narrative, and again between the second and third section. Believe me, you'll need these opportunities to relax a little.

After Dark- Murakami
The first thing to say is that this is a very short novel. At just 201 pages it took me barely 2 hours and I am not a fast reader. Some may say this is not value for money but does quantity really equal quality? This, like everything Murakami writes, is worth every penny you spend on it. The atmosphere lurks somewhere between awake and asleep, we feel the neon signs lighting up the darkness and smell the hazy smoke of insomnia in the gaps between the words. Murakami is incapable of writing a dull story and `After Dark' is no different. It may not be his best ever work, but once you pick this book up and feel the darkness enshroud you like a blanket you will not dare put it down until the morning has arrived and there is nothing to do but wait for night to return.

Too Close To Home- Susan Lewis
The story of a family whose life seems idyllic… at least at first. Then you begin to notice the cracks in the facade, then the cracks widen to form chasms. Then you fall in.

Set on the beautiful Gower Peninsula in Wales, “Too Close to Home” is not the first novel I have ever read by Susan Lewis. If I had to classify it, I would say it was women’s fiction with didactic overtones. Jenna Moore, suffering from writer’s block, is a published novelist and busy mother of four who has recently moved to Wales from London. Now she lives in her ‘dream house’. She and her husband Jack have started up a new business venture, a company called “Celticulture” which aims to professionally represent aspiring authors and publish their work in electronic format. Then Jenna begins to suspect that Jack might be having an affair… Changes abound and her world begins to crumble due to the fact that her marriage and the new business are in dire jeopardy.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have read any of the above and let me know your thoughts either on here, Twitter or Instagram

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