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Wolf Alice

I love discovering a new band. Sitting there listening to the entire album with fresh ears and an open mind and then completely falling in love with them, nothing beats that feeling 
This week my new discovery is Wolf Alice, which after looking online, seems I am a little late to join this fan-club as they are already a massive hit world wide with an almost sold out UK tour in March!

 Nevertheless, I feel they are going to go far and quite fast too! This year looks like a rollercoaster adventure for them and I couldn't be happier for them! Just noticed that they are playing Boardmasters this year too which just adds to the excitement of Summer 2016! 

The variety in the new album really adds depth to it, some of the songs are almost an alternative more chilled version of “HAIM” but with their own spin, whilst other songs are alt soft rock very much like “Band of Skulls” which is super upbeat and a great jam to turn up in the car! 

So if you're like me and hadn't had the joys of listening to them before now, I would listen to their new album as a matter of musical urgency! Like I said, their UK tour is pretty music sold out but worry not, they are playing Boardmasters this summer along with some incredible ear-gasmic bands including James Bay, Kaiser Chiefs (and if you have not seen Ricky and the guys on a stage live then you have not yet lived), The beautiful man which is Jack Savoretti and many many more great acts! 

Tickets are still on sale, but they go quick so make sure to get your friends together for a summer weekend in the picturesque Newquay for the best festival of the year! Give me a tweet if you're going, you will see me there at the front of the stage singing my lungs out and drinking scummy cider, after all, you can take the girl out of Cornwall but never the cornish out of the girl!

I had heard this song a lot in the past few months, and always thought "damn that is a sick tune" but never thought of checking out who they were, Silly Danni. Just Silly. If you haven't heard it, here it is: 

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