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25 things to do whilst 25!

So on Easter Sunday, I turn 25! I am not overly keen on the idea, however I grateful for being here and experiencing another year on this planet. I want this year to be incredible, so I have written a list of things I would like to accomplish whilst I am 25! 

1. Run a half marathon- Well let's go straight in at the deep end, hey? I need to generally get fitter anyway, I have become far too attached to my laptop; and the treadmill.. not so much! I would love to complete a half marathon and actually enjoy it, instead of collapsing at the finish line like a puffed up beetroot. 

2. Read 100 books in a year- I read a lot, but this is something I certainly want to accomplish this year. I want to venture out to different genres too! 

3. Take more Pictures- I really have fallen in love again with photography all over again and this year I am going to make sure I take photos of everything. I can then use the Free Prints app to print them all off! 

4. Do Yoga and Meditation at least once a week- There is nothing better after a stressful day than to come home and meditate. I am only a beginner but I am quickly becoming obsessed with it and would like to continue with it. 

5. Hit a fitness goal- Well I say this every year so might as well keep it on the list! 

6. Learn Calligraphy- I have always been so interested in the art of calligraphy and admire the people who can do this so well. 

7. Volunteer- With working full time I always value my weekends to do the things I love, but I would love to use that time to help others.

8. Grow more indoor plants- I have kept a few alive but would love to try maybe a chilli plant or some herbs?

9. Travel Abroad- Even if it's a long weekend in Europe, I really want to travel more this year! 

10. Save more money- This is a big one! I would like to build up a good savings account. I want to think of a figure and have it saved up by my next birthday.

11. Be more daring with my cooking- I am getting better with spicy food but would love to maybe try and cook Thai or Caribbean food.

12. Learn more French- My French isn't bad but isn't as good as I would like it to be. I know I will be going back there for Christmas 2017 so would like to spend this year getting better with my French.

13. Learn some Astronomy- There is no other feeling than looking up at the starts on a clear night and forgetting about all your Earthy troubles. I can only imagine the sensation becomes more powerful when you have some knowledge behind you too! 

14. Try an adrenaline sport- I already have this planned with the skydive I am doing in July but it stays on the list until I actually do it! 

15. Let go of a friendship- Not all friendships are meant to last forever; some come into our lives and exist for different reasons at different times in our life. Holding on to a relationship that has run its course doesn't do either of you any favours. Quality over quantity of friends is the most important factor. 

16. Learn to say "No"- Learning to say no is an important life skill, and one that can dramatically increase the quality in our lives. 

17. Host more dinner parties- I love love love Dinner parties. I want to host more with themes :D

18. See more shows, movies and concerts- Go out there and have a great time with great company!

19. Meet new people- I love blogging and getting to know so many other bloggers out there, I would love to go to blogging events and meet some amazing people who love the same things as me! 

20. Sort out my career- I am at the awkward stage where I know what I want to do but need to get going to make it happen; this year it will. 

21. Accept my hangovers are getting worse- and that they will do for the rest of my life... eugh! 

22. Stop worrying so much- I worry far too much about everything, it doesn't solve anything and doesn't make me feel any better! 

23. Visit Friends more- Since moving to Cheltenham, I have my bestest friends scattered across the country. I must this year make sure I visit them all more often. 

24. Replace my old wardrobe with clothes I actually like- I keep so much thinking I will wear it one day, it needs to all go so I have room for new cute items :) 

25. Try Pasta in Italy- I love Italian food so much and I have dropped hints to my Boyfriend about how much I would love to visit Italy this year, so watch this space! 

Let me know if there is anything you would add or change to this list! 

Will let you know next year how many I completed :)


  1. This list is just perfect. I cannot wait to read your next year post (: x!

    1. Thank you! Let's hope I stick to it! hehe! :) x

  2. I love this list! I'm trying to get into yoga too. And started learning calligraphy at Christmas, but have fallen behind a bit, so going to get back on that :) I have a 'before 30' list, but it's edging closer! Eek! Tina x