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Lush Bath Cocktail

Do I love Lush products? Yes! Do I love drinking Cocktails? Yes!Do I love the idea of a BATH COCKTAIL? Oh absolutely! 

I popped into my local Cheltenham Lush store last week, I got speaking to a wonderful girl named Emily, who informed me of this awesomeness which is a "Bath Cocktail". She explained to me that there are many fantastic combinations to try but this one appealed to me most. 

Emily explained to me that by combining "Karma" and "Intergalactic" I would get a colourful and super smelling bath cocktail experience. This bath cocktail was created by the staff in the Cheltenham store during a power surge, amazed by this story; I decided to give it a try for myself. Intergalactic is very much out of this world in regards to colour and the smell. Intergalactic contains peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, Vetivert oil and cedarwood oil. The peppermint oil is what stands out the most int his bath bomb and gives it a fresh, clean and minty scent that's lasts for hours on the skin; as well as in the bathroom after.


Now, the two of them are completely different bath products. One is a bath bomb, whilst the other is a bubble bar. I ran a hot clear water bath and whilst running the hot tap, placed Karma underneath the water. During this, it started to create the most silky smooth bubbles. I then added the Intergalactic and well what can I say? Mind blown! I will let the photos speak for themselves!



Not only do they look incredible; the smell that comes off them even before they have hit water is wonderful. The Karma is a spicy but refreshing smell with hints of lemongrass and pine oil. It also helps that I am a glitter girl, anything with glitter, I want it; this adds a glorious glittery touch to the bath.

I really enjoyed sipping a glass of white wine, listening to some Music and relaxing in this bath that really did make me feel out of this world. The smells are so refreshing, the colours are mesmerising and my skin feels so smooth and soft and I smell like a goddess! 

Let me know if you have tried a bath cocktail, and if so what are you favourite combinations? I can't wait to go back in and get some more experiments! 


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