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Spring ♥

Spring is finally here! I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am about this. Well, I can, as I am going to list all my favourite things about Spring. Now, I am not saying I didn't enjoy winter, it has it's perks. Sipping Hot Chocolate, wearing chunky scarves and thick coats. But that's enough of winter, it's now time to enjoy spring. 

  •  That Spring smell- One of my most favourite things about spring is the smell of fresh flowers blossoming and the sun shining
  • The gardens are more colourful- The Trees are loading up on fresh green leaves and the gardens have stopped looking so gloomy.
  • Enjoying the outdoors- Spring is the perfect time to wake up early on your weekend, pack some food and head to the park to enjoy the warmth. 
  • The day is longer- You will have more daylight as the sun sets much later than it did in the winter, meaning you could do a lot more in your day. (Hopefully!)
  • New Fruits- The Beginning of any new season means a selection of new fruits. For Spring, start loading up on cherries, strawberries and apricots. 
  • More Positivity- Did you know people are actually happier in spring? You will notice more smiles, more holidays and more fun! 
  • EASTER- Creme eggs, Mini eggs and Easter eggs! Yum! (Easter Sunday also falls on my birthday this year, I am a lucky Ducky indeed!)
  • Summer Holiday Planning- Spring is an indication that Summer is well on its way, so start planning your Summer trip! 
  • Colourful Wardrobe- Nothing says Spring more than a colourful, fresh outfit. 
  • Spring Cleaning- Now, not everyone loves cleaning. But for me, a good clear out and Spring clean of my home makes me feel fresh and ready to take on the Summer. (And gives me room to buy new things!)

Let me know your favourite things about Spring! I am sure there are many more I could add to this list! 

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