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A Relaxing Afternoon at The Block Hairdressers

I count myself extremely lucky as I have the BEST hairdresser on this planet, and I always look forward to going to the salon to have a lovely pampered afternoon with her. This is a little insight into The Block Hairdressers in Cheltenham.

Finding the perfect hairdresser is like finding your soul mate. You have to have trust, communication and most importantly.. fun! I am so pleased I have found not only the most amazingly talented Hairdresser which is Jemma, but also that I have found the best Salon in Cheltenham!!

I went in this afternoon not really knowing what I wanted to do; I was a little bored of my ombré so asked Jemma what she thought I should do with my hair. What I love about Jem is that I trust her entirely and if she wants to do her own thing on my hair; I am totally cool with it! She explained how having lots of different shades in my hair but basing it on a dark colour would really suit me so I agreed.

She took me into the colour lounge which is so relaxing and let me sit back and enjoy having all my worries melt away whilst she worked her magic. I have never met someone so bubbly and generally interested about how everything is going with me, be it my blog, career or boyfriend! We had a good catch up and had a good giggle.

Now I wash my hair everyday and always try and massage my own head because it feels amazing, I am never able to create the same relaxing feeling as when I am sat in the chair having my hair washed by Jemma, her head massages are amazing and how I didn't fall asleep I don't know!

After my colour and wash was done, I then went into the front of the salon to have a cut and blow dry. I didn't have much cut off as I am trying to grow my hair but had a trim and the best blow dry. I could seriously just go in everyday and have Jemma blow dry and style my hair.. a girl can dream right?

Now for some reason, I have never been able to curl my hair with straighteners. I don't know why and I have tried and watched hours of You Tube videos but I have never managed to do it. I asked Jemma if she could curl my hair and she walked me through it and made it look so easy I can't wait to try it myself.. (watch this space!)

The Salon is so funky and fresh and has some amazing little quirky elements to it which makes it so unique. I love going in and knowing every time I will come out feeling like a million dollars! Everyone there is so helpful and friendly, nothing is too much trouble.

So if you want to go to a salon, get the best haircut and colour you can ever think of by the most talented hairdressers, go to The Block! Let Jemma or Joni know that you heard of them through me and let me see your fresh new looks by tagging me on Twitter or Instagram!

So here is my new look.. I LOVE IT :D


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