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A Trip to the zoo!

I am writing this post with no intention of filling it with much writing, but just to showcase some of my photos I took when I went to Cotswold Wildlife Park! :D

As everyone is aware, I am obsessed with Red Pandas. I love seeing them exploring and eating bamboo. When we went to Cotswold Wildlife Park we had the chance to watch them being fed too which was amazing!

I love all animals and it was great to be able to walk amongst the Lemurs and stroke the goats. Here are a few photos of the day! :)

It must be love!... love love!! <3

I love otters! And these guys were so funny to watch! They all followed each other around and loved posing like this for the camera!!

We got so close to the Lemurs I wanted to pick him up and cuddle him.. but thought he probably didn't want to cuddle me so I resisted.

Lovely majestic Lions. They were having a nice afternoon nap!

These Rhinos were amazing to watch and they had a baby there too who was following the others around and was having so much fun!

Some lovely flowers at the Wildlife Park!

This little fella loved the camera! Felt sorry for him, I think he needs some anti-frizz spray!

These wolves were amazing to watch and hear. Their howl was quite spooky but they are so cute.. I am sure I wouldn't say that if I was in there with them though!

These Rabbits were cuddled up like this for ages, was so sweet!

Mr Bunny here was separated from his Lady Bunny for a while as they were making too many bunnies! This was him sitting up trying to look over at her in the next pen. Young love ay?

These sheep were so fluffy and kept cuddling each other which was adorable!

 This Red Panda was just loving my camera! He kept looking over and almost posing! His little face was just adorable and it's safe to say we spent quite a while here!

This little fella was actually quite cute, he tilted his head when we did which I found just adorable!

This Croc was so cool to watch, he hardly moved but had his eyes on us the entire time we were there! Crikey mate he was a whopper!

The little Meerkats moved so quickly it was hard to get a good shot of them! They were so cute chasing each other and foraging for little bugs in the sand!

These penguins certainly loved the attention they were getting from the public! They reminded me of the cheeky penguins of the film Madagascar.

These little Ring tailed Lemurs were so cute and the babies on their backs were tiny! They walked right past us and were not afraid at all.

What is your favourite animal? And are there any Zoos or wildlife parks you can recommend?


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