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April Beauty Buys!

So April is the time for flowers blossoming, longer days, sun shining and for new beauty products!
I am extremely fussy when it comes to trying new beauty regimes; especially when it involves trying new things on my face. I tried out these new products, and here's what I thought!

I have heard a lot about Liz Earle, especially this "Cleanse and Polish". Matt's Mum gave me a little tester bottle to try a few weeks back and I fell in love with it and bought the bigger tube. The muslin cloth feels amazing on my skin, it's not too harsh but it gets off any make up in an instant! The smooth cream you put on before washing off feels cooling and soft on my skin and not at all too thick. I use this twice a day: morning and night. I feel it has given my skin more of a glow and I am going to try more of her products in the coming months.

I have tried and tested many eye creams, gels and eye packs. Nothing at all compares to this! I have quite dark circles under my eyes ( I blame staying up all night watching TV in my teens!) but this cream makes the dark circles fade dramatically and my eyes feel soft. When I wake up in the mornings I feel my eyes are puffy and red but this instantly boosts my eyes and gives me a subtle fresh look!

I stumbled upon this last year as my best friend uses it and I asked to borrow some when she was over. I was intrigued to see what difference a gel is on my face compared to a cream. It's safe to say I went straight to Boots to buy my own and have been using it ever since! This bottle is such good value for money as a little of the gel goes a long way. It is the most refreshing yet moisturising face product I have ever used. It gives my face an instant glow and dries quickly enough for me to put on my makeup afterwards. This is also great in summer when you don't want to wear make up but need to keep your face hydrated. It smells amazing, and for £3.99.. you can't go wrong!

Now I don't use this one daily, however I need to mention this goddess of all hair masks. Last weekend, I curled my hair, and my straighteners were too hot and it left my hair feel really fragile with a burnt smell. Not nice! So I went into Lush Cheltenham the next day and asked what I could get to help. I picked this up and only needed just under half the tub, I applied it onto my dry hair and left it for 30 mins. There is a lovely mix of Cinnamon, Banana and Rosemary. When I washed it out my hair felt so soft it was incredible! I had lots of compliments the next day, not only on how nice my hair looked but how amazing it smelt. I still have lots of this tub left and is perfect for a hair pick me up!

So let me know if you have used any of the products above. Did you get on with them or were they not for you?

I would love to hear any of your own Beauty buys so let me know!!


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  1. I'll definitely try the Garnier face gel :)
    thanks for this

    xo Honey