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Appreciation Post #3- Matthew

This week it goes to the Obi-Wan to my Kenobi. My (using as many cheesy adjectives I can think of) amazing, wonderful, handsome, smart, cheeky boyfriend: Matt. (Matty, Matchoo, Maffews).

If I wrote every single reason I appreciated Matt, I would be here all day. But I do think he is hidden behind my blog and not mentioned enough. The amount of support and encouragement this man gives me in whatever I choose to do it so blissful. He is a true gentleman, and really treats me like a Princess. That's not by showering me with gifts and taking me out to expensive meals, but by letting me know every day how much he loves me and how we are a team.

Now, don't get me wrong, he can be a pain in the arse! But I think I am a worse pain to him! Matt is quite honestly the funniest guy I have ever met and I wouldn't know what to do with myself without him. He always reads my blog, tells me what he thinks does and doesn't work, he supports me with my photography and baking. ( I don't think he minds testing the baking)

Matt is also such a nerd! Which in all honesty, is what attracted me to him years ago! He loves his gaming, music and anything techy which is adorable! He is a bassist and nothing makes me more proud then watching him at his gigs, doing what he loves.

We go on the best adventures together and I can't wait for us to start going on some real adventures abroad! We are best friends as well as a couple and I love the fact we have the same sense of humour, as its quite a weird one! We make the perfect team and I just want to write this post to show how much I appreciate having such a perfect boyfriend.

Let me know if there is a special someone in your life you really appreciate!

Next week's Appreciation post involves 2 people! Ooooh exciting!!



  1. Very sweet - you two look like a lovely couple x :)


  2. This is so sweet :) I love this post! Tina xx