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Jeanpool Clothing- Review/ Appreciation post 4!

So my two dearest friends own the most AMAZING shop on Etsy, this weekend I got to assist them in making my own T-Shirt and see how the process was done. This is also an appreciation post too as I really appreciate the both of them for letting me have a go at it!

If I had all the money in the world, it would be spent buying these T-Shirts from JeanPoolClothing!
There are so many quirky, geeky and damn right cool items on their site, I could wear one every day of the year!

Josh and Laura are two of my oldest and dearest friends, and they are extremely talented when it comes to designs! They have their own online store on Etsy where they design and create amazing clothing for everyone!

I went to visit them this weekend which was lovely! We ate good food, drank wine and went adventuring around Cardiff. We also made T-Shirts! Josh and Laura kindly allowed me into their Office to assist making my T-Shirts and to see how it's done!

This part of making the T-Shirts was so fun I felt like a Kid! Laura had made the design of the "I shoot people" T-Shirt a while back, and as a budding photographer, I just had to have it! Laura Printed off the design via a cutting machine which looked like a little robot spinning around all over the place to create the design. She then passed me this sheet and told me to "pick off" the black parts that were not going onto the T-Shirt. (Laura Supervised me throughout!)

It was so satisfying to peel it off, almost as good as it to peel of sunburn! (Yes, gross but we all do it and love it really!) It was really cool to gradually see the design coming through as you picked away!

There was some parts that were so delicate, I really had to make sure I picked the right part or the whole T-Shirt would be ruined. Once I had picked it all, Josh then placed it in the heat press to "cook"! This involved a hot machine and I was not ready to use that so left the professionals to it and I took photos instead! :D

 After Josh worked his magic, my T-Shirt was made! It looked amazing and I ran off to try it on straight away! They also made me an "Asgard University" T-Shirt which I love so much as I am a self confessed Marvel-aholic!

Here are the finished products:

I am so pleased with both of them and cannot thank Josh & Laura enough! I am going to look online now too see what one I am going to purchase next so I can get a little collection of them going! :D

I highly recommend having a look at their Etsy store HERE! Also I will tag below their social media accounts where they post all new products and amazing competitions! If there is a T-Shirt that you fancy that isn't on the site, send them a tweet and they are always happy to see what they can make for you!


Let me know if you buy any from them and which one! We can start a little fan club!

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  1. Love love love these T-shirts! The process is way more intricate than I realised. The 'I shoot people' design is fab. I have them saved as one of my favourite stores on Etsy now :) Tina xx