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Late Night Bloggers Chat- Confidence!

So, Last night I was guest host for #latenightbloggers chat.  The topic was "Confidence", I knew this chat would either go down like a ton of bricks or be a really insightful discussion. 

My dear friend Tina(www.teaisfortina.co.uk), created this incredible weekly twitter chat where we discuss a range of topics every Wednesday. I will happily admit that I was so blissfully unaware how much hard work it is actually hosting an online chat; until I hosted myself this week. 

I couldn't of been happier with how the chat turned out, so many lovely people joined in to discuss the topic of confidence. At first I really thought I was the only one with confidence issues, ranging from my looks to meeting new people, turns out.. I am not the only one at all! 

The first question was "Do you think you are a confident person?". This had a mixed response which was great! Some people said they have grown more confidence as they've gotten older, some said it depends on the situation. 

The second question was "Do you feel more confident online than in the real world?". It was interesting to see what people said on this subject. Some people said they felt more confident online as people cant see what they look like, whilst others said they didn't feel more confident online because things can be misinterpreted online. 

The Third question was my personal favourite. "What can we do to help others feel more confident in all aspects of life?" The response to this was inspiring! Everyone was saying how building people up and not down will help, giving people compliments and most importantly, support each other! This is so important as it's not done enough in this world. Supporting each other instead of tearing each other down is the best way to all achieve greatness. 

My Final question was "Does everyone feel that after talking about confidence, they can tackle it a little better?". I had a little lump in my throat reading some of the replies. So many people felt that by us all talking about it and reading other people's struggles and strengths with confidence, we all helped each other to be more away, more focused and more supportive. 

I really enjoyed the entire evening, made some great friends and look forward to doing it again! 
I am hoping to be able to do one in a few months based on the Great British Bake Off.. so watch this space!! 

Did you join in with the #latenightbloggers chat? Let me know what you thought!! 
Dont forget! You dont have to be a blogger to join! Every Wednesday 9pm-10pm (GMT)



  1. I am one of the proud members of Latenightbloggers. I just stalk Tina chat for couple of weeks before I put my step into it (ha-ha) I was very nervous but there were/are many supportive and kind girls, which made it easier. Your hosting was great. Great topic and lovely feed back. You were uh-mazing. Keep it up beautiful ♡ x!

    1. Thank you sweetie! Glad you enjoyed it :D xx