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Let's Talk Anxiety!

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common class of mental disorders, affecting a large percentage of the general population. There are six main types of the disorder, including post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias and panic disorder. The causes of the disorder can be either from something simple or a little more complex. However, assistance and recovery is possible with specialised treatment, education and most importantly...support!

It is most unfortunate that even in this day and age, people with mental illness remain stigmatised around the globe. This stigmatisation can result in sufferers not seeking the professional help that is available because of the fear of rejection. It can also result in misdiagnosis and mismanagement: Misdiagnosis in not taking the symptoms seriously, which in turn results in mismanagement, as there is a reluctance to investigate the symptoms fully.

My experience with anxiety and anxiety disorders has been fairly minor and I operated out of sheer ignorance for many years. However, a couple years ago when I moved to Cheltenham I felt the fact that I had to make new friends and get used to an entire new town extremely overwhelming and I still suffer with these thoughts 2 years on.

Anxiety is difficult to describe. Everyone experiences it 
differently. For me it felt little like being hopelessly tossed around by a giant wave, unable to gain footing or control, feeling like I will never come up for air. I recalled the naive ideas I held over the years and the imbecilic comments I had made – they came back to haunt me!

In this blog post, I simply wanted to present a short introduction to a 
disorder that affects so many people. I want to make it very clear that I am not a therapist and I am only blogging my own observations and 
experiences. The advice I would give to anyone suffering from anxiety is to talk to a friend or family member, don't bottle it up! You would think nothing about talking to someone you cared about if they were feeling down or anxious so accept people are there for you too! Please do not allow perceived or self-stigma from seeking treatment and a better quality of life.

To the family members and friends of people suffering from anxiety 
disorders, and anyone in a position of influence (social, religious, etc.), please do not shoot from the hip in ignorance. Educate yourself about 
issues surrounding mental health and anxiety disorders. Keep updated and informed. 

I still find it difficult to discuss my feelings of anxiousness and worry, but have come along way in the last 12 months. I have some wonderful supportive friends and my rock which is my boyfriend to help me in my times of worry. Just know, if you ever feel like you can't cope there is always someone there to lean on. And if you feel you can't talk to anyone, then feel free to message me! 

Sending lots of love and positivity to you all!! 


Living with anxiety and/or depression can feel like constantly 
trying to climb out of a deep, muddy hole with an armful of sandbags. Everything seems so much more difficult – even getting out of bed in the morning can be a monumental feat. The simplest tasks can be a dreaded challenge. Nobody wants to feel this way. And they are not doing this TO anyone. It is happening TO them and sadly, others are caught in the crossfire. But eventually the bullets will stop flying, the smoke will clear and blissful, fulfilling lives and relationships could appear just beyond the horizon. Together, it can be reached.”

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