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Lush Shopping Spree!

So I have had my weekly visit into the Lush Cheltenham Store to see what lovely beauty buys I can try. A few are some old favourites of mine that I bought just because I love them so much but some are new and here is the review...

Don't Look At Me

This face mask always stands out when it's displayed in store. The vibrancy of the blue is so appealing in itself and gets better when you actually use it.  Packed with ground rice and zesty lemon, this face pack is so refreshing and cooling. I suffer from dark patches on my face at times and I felt this mask lifted those dark patches and made my entire face feel bright and fresh.

I left it on for 15 mins and washed it off with warm water. I didn't need to put much on my face as a little went a long way. This Face Mask needs to be kept in the fridge too! This 75ml pot is £6.75.

Daddy O

This one is one of my classic favourites. The smell of Parma Violets makes me so happy every time I use it! With my blonde sections of my hair, this shampoo keeps it from going brassy and keeps it blonde for longer. I feel it makes my hair so nourished and gives it a lovely shine. A little goes a long way with these bottles and the wonderful smell stays in your hair for ages! 100g is £5.75.

Tooth Fairy

This was a brand new concept to me. A powder as a toothpaste? Bare with me here! The smell is amazing and is similar to Snow Fairy! (which is sadly a Christmas exclusive) You are to wet your toothbrush and dab it into the powder then brush as normal. At first I found it quite weird but the taste of subtle strawberry and the feel of your teeth after is amazing. I don't use it instead of my normal toothpaste but I use it before I go out or if I just fancy an extra sparkle. £4.95 for a pot.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

After I use the Tooth Fairy Powder, I usually use this lip scrub after. It contains caster sugar and jojoba oil to scrub away any dead skin and infuses moisture. I find this tastes amazing too and smells just like bubblegum! When I put on my lipstick after, I feel this gives me a flawless look on my lips. I am so in love with this I know I will need another pot soon! £5.50 per pot.

Tea Tree Water

When I am stressed, I am very prone to spots on my forehead and dry skin on my chin. I never used to get this and used to have flawless skin but the last few years my skin has changed. I have tried ever spot treatment going, but nothing compares to this. This toner water is enriched with tea tree and has antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredients which feels amazing on your face. I have noticed that when I put this on my face after my cleansing routine, I leave it to soak in and my skin has started to look so much better even after a few days. I will admit, the nozzle is quite intense, so when you spray it on your face it feels like a hose pipe! Just a warning! :)

Are there any lush products you can recommend I try next? Anything that didn't work for you? Let me know! :)


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  1. I use the sugar scrub every day, it's amazing! Also, I used the facemask the other day and it turned me blue! I couldn't seem to get rid of the ghost like appearance! Once I'd fully washed it off, my skin felt so good.

    I want Parma Violet smelling hair so bad now! Definitely going to get some, I've never seen it, but do like to use purple tones to keep my hair a good colour.

    Tina x www.teaisfortina.co.uk