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Smokey Joe's Cheltenham

For 2 years, I have lived in Cheltenham. I have always walked past this Diner and thought, "Yep, must go in there someday". I can't quite believe I have waited this long, as now I shall be in there most weeks!

Both Myself and Matt decided to go and try out Smokey Joe's today as we had been going on about going for ages. We got there and a lovely guy showed us to a retro American styled booth to sit in. We got our menu's and I literally felt spoilt for choice. I was heading towards the waffles as I have seen the photos of them on their Facebook and Twitter pages, however I didn't realise how much other food they served.

There were a selection of drinks from your standard coffees and teas (Matt had a latte and said it was better than Costa). They had milkshakes and coke floats ( I had a salted caramel milkshake which was out of this world.. it had glitter on the top too!) They also served wine and beers so the choice is endless!

Food wise- There were so many different things to choose from. Both of us had a waffle each but there were sandwiches, paninis, hot dogs, and more!

I had a waffle which was so fluffy and warm it was like a waffle pillow! It was covered in Chocolate, marshmallow fluff, marshmallows and whipped cream! It was heaven on a plate.. basically! 

Matt had a Nutella and banana which also looked amazing!

Now besides from the mouth-watering food & drink, the atmosphere is the best part of visiting Smokey Joe's. I could see in the back section that they were setting up a mic and speakers so did a little research and saw they had some live music later on but unfortunately we couldn't stay.

With Matt being a petrol head and in love with American Cars, he loved the different props they had in various parts of the bar. The music was so enjoyable and we both felt so relaxed and I honestly could of stayed there for hours.

The staff were so friendly, nothing was too much trouble and you can tell they really look after their customers. It makes me so upset to think there is a new dessert Cafe opened down the high street who claim to sell amazing desserts and waffles and people go along with the crowd and visit these franchised places when you have independent places like Smokey Joe's. These places may be cheap, and new but their customer service is non existent. There is no way you will find me in any other place for my waffles than Smokey Joe's from now on.

So if you want to go somewhere for breakfast, lunch or dinner; I highly recommend Smokey Joe's! Check out their Facebook Page for all info on open mic nights, or any other events they regularly run. I know I will be going to some soon!
The prices are reasonable and you get so much food for your money I didn't even think twice about it!

I cant wait to go again soon and try more of the menu!
Let me know what you think! What did you try there?


All opinions are my own, I paid full price for all of our food and drink and have not been paid to publish this review. Thanks :) 


  1. The place looks so retro and cool :D
    Also, the food looks amazing *__*
    xo Honey

  2. Love the look of this place. We had a chain one here, Rosie's Diner, that had similar decor and went to go there the other day, but it's closed! :( I love that this seems like the kind of place you can hang out in for a while. Tina x