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A Trip To Symonds Yat

As we all know, Sunday was a scorching sunny day. Blue skies, smiling faces and the smells of BBQ’s in the air. I had the pleasure of visiting Symonds Yat, a quaint village in the Forest of Dean. 
This post is mainly photos as I can explained what happened for the duration of the day in one paragraph.

We drove there, it was hot, it was sunny, it was busy. We walked down one side of the river, 1.5 miles, Alfie loved the water, I was hungry, we got to a bridge. We crossed the bridge, it was wobbly, we got to the other side, there were no trolls. The other side there was no shade, it was midday, it was boiling. We sat down and had a picnic, it was lovely, Alfie loved it too, I stupidly wore dark skinny jeans and a vest top, my legs were on fire. We walked back along the river, Alfie nearly dragged Matt into the river. We got a little ferry back over the river, Alfie loved the boat ride, a Duck was sat on the boat, we went to the pub, we had some cider, I thought I was going to melt, I didn't. We got back in the car, we drove to the top of the hill, we saw amazing views, I took photos, we got back in the car to go home, I fell asleep. 

The start of the walk..

Was tiring just watching these lot paddle away against the current!

 The different shades of green are beautiful!

I love how this tree still looks beautiful even with a massive branch broken!

For some reason, this photo reminds me of Pocahontas!

Alfie taking Matt down to the river...

The steep incline to the bridge across the river!

Matt kept asking if I was okay on the wobbly bridge, I was fine but I wasn't so sure he was haha!

This was the view from the rickety rackety bridge!

The other side of the river..

Alfie still hasn't figured out that my camera is not edible and is not a biscuit.

So cute! Found a few dogs with their owners all having a lunch time drink!

You can't have enough photos of this dog, he loves the camera!

Alfie Enjoying the sun just before our picnic!

Our Scrummy Picnic!

Such a beautiful view of trees and wild garlic.

I love how the trees and branches all intertwine so elegantly like this.

Alfie went into the river for a drink!

The smell of this wild garlic was so lovely!

It's amazing how fast the river picks up speed, some of the kayaks were trying to paddle against the tide which looked like hard work.

I loved this place, I would love to know why that wall was originally there.

This was the boat that took us to the other side of the river. No motor, just a lad pulling the boat along on a rope!

It was so calm and peaceful at the part of the river, I was so hot I could of swam in it!

Pups enjoyed his boat ride!

Cute little duck who followed the boat right across the river.

The most beautiful river I think I have ever seen in this country

It was amazing to think we were so high up and could see so much, when I can imagine the view below is so different.

I love the variety of colour in the fields across the land, so vibrant and fresh!

I could of constantly taken shots of this view, it was breathtaking and the depth of blues and green are out of this world.

Some of the trees were so beautifully broken..

And after a long a hot days walking.. We all had a well deserved Ice Cream!

If you are reading this, thank you for looking at my photos! :) 

Is there anywhere you have been in the Forest of Dean that you can recommend? 



  1. This looks amazing! Your photos are incredible and I feel like I got to have a good look at the place. It's beautiful, and so vibrant. What a lovely day. Alfie is so cute too - loving the camera and his big walk! Love this post! Tina x