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Appreciation Post #5!

So this week without a shadow of a doubt, goes to my 2 favourite blogger friends. Not only do we talk blogging on a daily basis, we talk more about food, men, cake and diets on a daily basis! They are both so talented and beautiful and this week this post is all about them!

Let's start of with Tina, (www.teaisfortina.co.uk) not only is she the most creative blogger I know, she created the #latenightbloggers and took me under her wing when I first started using Twitter for blogging networking. We have spoken everyday since and she has helped me from sorting out a birthday dress, work troubles and the copious amounts of diets I have started and failed. We are going to go to Leeds fest in August and I am so excited for it! She sends me little parcels with gifts and cards in to cheer me up and it works a treat!

Claire, (Aloha Lola Cards) this little gem is the best in the entire world at illustration. You think I am exaggerating? Check out her Etsy store or even better.. look at my blogger header on my homepage! She is so talented but it doesn't stop there. She is the BEST at giving advice, both me and Tina have gone to her with so many problems and Claire says the right things to make us feel better. She is stunning, smart and super funny!

We are all in a group chat and apart from when we are sleeping, we chat constantly on a daily basis. (which can be a pain when you are at work and check your phone to see that you have over 100 messages to read!) I can't wait to have some amazing times with both of these ladies this summer and I am so grateful we all care for one another, and support each other through everything.

I also highly recommend to all my fellows bloggers to check the links above, I have just asked Claire to draw me and my boyfriend on a card so I can frame it and I can't bloody wait to see it! :D

Let me know if you have made any incredible friends through blogging? Or do you and your friends have weird group names? :)

Oh and I should explain the photo, I can't remember how it came about, but we decided we are the powerpuff girls, our hair colours match theirs and lets face it, we are all little superheroes! 


  1. I love love love this post! Thank you so much :) I'm so glad we started chatting and now you'll never get rid of me :D haha! So much love for you and the post! xxx

  2. AHH bless you three. so sweet, keep up the friendship (: ♡ x!

  3. Yeah, Tina is just great! we don't talk that often but we catch up every now and then and she is just so sweet and normal haha

    love this post!

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle