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My Summer Bucket List! ☮

Summer is upon us! We can now enjoy longer days, the smell of BBQ's and suncream and a season of fun! Here is my "Bucket List" of what I would like to do over the Summer of 2016! 

  1.  Have a water balloon fight! 
  2. Have a bonfire with friends.
  3. Make homemade lemonade.
  4. Watch a sunrise/sunset on a beach.
  5. Get as tan as I can!
  6. Go for a bike ride.
  7. Have a picnic.
  8. Collect shells from a beach.
  9. Take underwater photos.
  10. Play tennis.
  11. Make vodka jelly.
  12. Go camping.
  13. Partake in a charity event.
  14. Go to a festival.
  15. Have a random road trip.
  16. Roast marshmallows.
  17. Bake rainbow cupcakes! 
  18. Eat Fish and Chips at the Beach.
  19. Go Surfing! 
  20. Have a BBQ.
  21. Make a Summer play list.
  22. Stargaze.
  23. Go Strawberry Picking.
  24. Try Stand-up paddling.
  25. Have fun!!!
I am also going to try and just relax, explore, be carefree and take my camera with me everywhere. 
Let me know what things you are planning to do this Summer 2016! 

I will update this in September, to see how much of this list I completed. :) 

Have a good Summer! ☼


  1. Love this list! And think I might help you do a couple! :) I need to go to a beach soon! Fish and chips on the seafront is the best! :) xx

    1. Yesss! We could go to Barry Island and have Fish and Chips :D xx

  2. I love this! but I'm curious how many did you actually achieve? or which ones you didn't? :D

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle