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Summary of Summer

Summer 2016 was quite an adventure. New job, nice weather, and LOTS of photos.
Looking back over the Summer we had, I am quite pleased to remember lots of nice sunny days. Sure, we had rain at times but generally, we had nice warm days.

So in summary, what have I been up to this Summer?

Well at the beginning of the season, I started my new job at Superdry. Which I LOVE! I work in head office and feel so settled it's a wonderful feeling.
As I mentioned in my previous post, my cousin and his girlfriend have moved over from Australia, so have been spending time with them going to various tourist locations.
I have been continuing with my photography course which seems to be going well, I really enjoy just getting out there and snapping away!

Throughout Summer, I have been a little quiet on the blogging front, I think this is mainly because I have been focusing on my new job and spending some quality time with Matt.
We have had some lovely little adventures this Summer from trips to Cornwall to visit Family and a wonderful wedding in the Cotswolds.
We also accidently found a wonderful National Trust site.. with the hallways from Harry Potter! :O

Overall, I am pleased with this Summer. It is my least favourite season so glad I enjoyed it as much as I could of. Now, roll on Autumn! <3

Let me know what you got up to over Summer! Any nice trips abroad?

Much Love

Button Baker 

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  1. Great pics danni!the summer has come and gone so fast like you i spent mine going between London and Devon spending time with my boyfs family and the beach😀