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14 ways to save £££!!!

Saving money is so hard when spending money is so easy! I have created a little list of things I am trying to help me save more £!
This is the time of year where we splash out on gifts for others, plan trips for next year and buy so many coffees. (Just me? Surely not!)

My aim is to reach £10,000 savings in the next 3 years. I might not reach it, but I am determined to try! I have made a list of things I have found useful to kick start the saving..

1- Write a list before you go shopping, and stick to it! 
This is probably the main reason all my money vanishes! Food shopping, clothes shopping.. any kind of shopping; stick to a list! How many times have we all said " I only went in to get milk and came out £70 lighter"? Stick to a list and see how much you can save!

2- Invite Friends over instead of going out! 
I am not one for going out on a regular basis as it is, but having friends over for dinner and a movie will cost on average 80% less than going out! Even "A few drinks" will cost you more than sharing a bottle of wine and watching your favourite series on Netflix.

3- Drink More Water
This is another that I need to focus on. I drink so much coffee and not enough water. I have come to realise that each coffee that is on average £2.80 ( I normally have 2 a day) will save me £112 a month!! Even if I want a coffee in the morning, buying coffee from the supermarket only costs £3-£5 and will last me the entire month.

4- Quit using credit cards
Credit cards are so handy to have.. as long as you use them for emergencies. It is so important to make sure you also pay the minimum balance each month too!

5- Avoid stress spending. 
I have been prone to doing this in the past! Along with "YAY ITS PAYDAY" spending. It's not needed. Whenever I feel stress now, I think about taking a walk with my boyfriend and my camera. FREE!

6- Eat a good Breakfast. 
I always find that if I have a nice breakfast, I don't have the temptation to pop to the shop for a snack mid-morning! I have in the past skipped breakfast, bought a coffee, and bought a huge lunch. Really not needed.

7- 10 Second rule
I found out about this rule around 2 months ago, and it has helped so much! If you go to put something in your basket or trolley, ask yourself if you really need it and why. If you can't come up with a good enough answer, put it back.

8- Ask for support and encouragement from Friends and Family. 
It can be hard to decline a night out or a meal with friends and family. Explain that you are trying to save up and with the support and encouragement from your inner circle, you will be motivated to save more!

9- Learn about benefits that your work might offer.
This is one I always say I am going to check, and forget to! Speak to your HR department to see what company offers and benefits you might be able to get involved with to save money!

10- Don't overspend on cosmetics. 
I still need to work on this one. We all need a treat now and then but try to break out of the habit of buying the latest face washes, bronzers, toners just because they are pretty or popular. Keep to the basics and if you have a product you love, use it sparingly.

11- 30 day rule
Similar to the 10 seconds rule, this is for more serious buys. Avoiding instant gratification is the key to saving money. Quite often, after a month has passed, you'll find the urge to buy has passed. You would of saved some money too!

12- Cinema 241
Going to the cinema can be expensive with the popcorn, ice cream and very expensive tickets! I purchased a single UK trip travel insurance with comparethemarket and I now have 2for1 on cinema tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday. A great way to keep costs down.

13- Don't beat yourself up! 
It's okay if you slip up and go on a night out, or buy those jeans you really didn't need. Learn from it, and start a fresh the next day.

14- Never give up! 
No matter how much you want to save, you can do it with determination. If you need inspiration, look at financial blogs where people are blogging as they save.. you are not the only one out there trying to save!

I will keep a log on how I am doing with saving, let me know how you save money and if you have any tips I have not thought of!

Much Love

Button Baker

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  1. Love this list! All good ways to save and I definitely need help in that department! xx