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We are scientists- the reality of meeting my favourite band

We Are Scientists very kindly allowed me to have a chat with them after the gig. Here is my review of the concert, some photos and my thoughts on meeting my favourite band.

Getting an email from a band you have supported, loved, shared and stuck by for 10 years.. is a big deal. I witnessed a cocktail of emotions in the weeks leading up to the gig. Pure excitement and the instinctive need to tell everyone I saw about what was happening was the main scenario for the first few weeks, then nerves and panic took over.

When we all dream about meeting those people who we adore so much, we run through so many scenarios in our heads. On the days leading up to meeting the guys, so many random thoughts scurried through my head. "What if they think I am weird?" "What if I go to shake their hands and they go to hug me?" "What if they don't like me?" "What if I don't act cool?". Well I can assure you, I did act weird ( I will come to this later) I didn't have an awkward shake hand/hug situation, I am not sure if they did like me and I 10000% didn't act cool.

The thing with meeting your favourite band is that you want to show them how much you adore their talent and music but at the same time maintaining the cool "non- fangirling" persona... its hard work balancing the two.

So let's talk about the guys.. well to start with HELLO THERE MR DARCY! They are scrummy! The fact they all make the best faces whilst playing is also a HELLO THERE moment! So yes, very very nice to the eye! Moving on..

They are so well mannered and conscientious and kind and oh cut the crap.. they are bloody hilarious! I was in absolute stitches watching them converse over the most random things in life. Keith and Chris are the type of guys that can make anything funny, and they sure did that last night! Disclaimer- they are kind, well mannered and conscientious too!

The gig itself was out of this bloody goddamn world! You not only get to watch the 3 of them jam like its 1999, you get a comedy show as well as damn good gig! Keith's singing was as always, on top form.. and hearing my favourite song which truly means the world to me..  was ear porn!
They still have quite a bit of their tour left, including my hometown of Plymouth on Friday which is the same day I am going down to visit family for the weekend so very tempted to go see them play again. You need to go see them live, get your tickets here!! 

If I am being completely honest, meeting them was not how I had expected it to be. I think as fans we forget just how busy artists are before and after a gig and how tiring it must be going from city to city and playing each night to the best of your ability, which I know they do!
By saying it wasn't how I expected doesn't mean it was bad, I just think it could of been much better. I was very nervous when I met them before the showing having the problem of not wanting to seem like a super fan too much.. I then went and did what I do whenever I am feeling overly nervous, I went and got a massive glass of wine.. naturally! We watched them perform and it just blew my mind, the nerves slipped away and I was excited to speak to them after the show.
Once the show was over, we waited for them as they were speaking to all the other fans and taking photos etc. Once we managed to speak to them, all my questions went out the window, nerves instantly hit and if I am honest, the wine didn't help either! I asked the most random of questions and to be honest I am sure they were thinking "What sort of questions are these" but I couldn't help it, I wanted to just relax and chat but I had word vomit and just didn't shut up.
I am so excited about making my first ever trip to America that I asked the best places to eat and visit.. yes I know, I could google it but I decided to ask them? They were cool and told me that Taco Bell wasn't as great as I thought and to skip Las Vegas which I will keep in mind. I asked a few other things but it was just random crap that came to me.. and all I could keep thinking was.. BUGGER.

I did manage to remember one of my questions, which was "Back in the day it was all about Bebo and Myspace, with all the different forms of social media has it helped or hindered their interaction with fans" We had a great chat about this discussing how it has helped but also how people don't read many newspapers and magazines anymore to find out about the latest bands. I used to get NME and Kerrang like clockwork and check out bands even if I had never heard of them, I would then cut out the posters and put them up in my room but sadly, this doesn't happen as much anymore as everything is on line.

I was so nervous I didn't even ask for a photo, of my favourite band whom I was having a casual conversation with! Crazy eh? I also didn't ask them to sign my CD I had in my bag which is one of theirs I had bought years and years ago where the paper is all wrinkled from me putting the cover on my bedroom wall.

Looking back, it was silly and if I could do it again, I guess I would but in essence I would say, if you ever get the chance to meet your idols, heroes, or just favourite American Scientists; be yourself!

I am going to try and go see them a couple more times during the tour this year, probably Plymouth and if not, 100% Bath. Let me know if you're going along. Oh, and heads up.. their merch is amazing! Don't leave the gig without buying something!

Apart from feeling a little glum with how my meeting and interview went, the feeling of pure joy most certainly outweighs this! I got to meet the most listened to band on my ipod, I got to take some amazing photos of them up close and I got to hear my favourite songs. All in all, one happy Danni indeed!

Here are some of my photos, I am only halfway through my photography course but so pleased I managed to take these all in the manual settings.. and whilst drinking wine! :D

They Thrusted whilst playing.. no further words needed :D

I really love this photo, just because, well look at him! 

This was mid banter stage.. my sides were sore I laughed so much! 

Smug as a pug in a rug!

The sexiest Paul Rudd look a like I have ever met! Such a dude! 

Chris has the ultimate bass face! It was beautiful! 

Chris could sell ice to an eskimo, or random beer to an audience! 


I can honestly say, what a lovely view!!

So if you are here, well done! You now need to complete the following...




AND HERE!!!!!!

Watch their videos..


Great guys, great music, great looks, great laughs, great manager, great FULL STOP!

Much Love

Button Baker

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  1. Omg, so happy for you! It's always dope to see our favorite people in person live!!!! Definitely checking out the links! Great post💗💗💗