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My Best friend, Soul mate, Partner in crime.. is now my Fiancé! And I am the happiest Danni in the world!

Myself and Matt have been together for just under 4 years now. Since the day we first started talking, we have just not stopped. We have had to endure long distance which was tough but it was so worth it now that have been happily living together for over 2 years.

Matt is quite simply the kindest man on this earth. Fact. There is nothing I can fault with him and the thought that he is going to be my Husband fills me with copious amounts of joy.

Anyway, that is quite enough of the sop, let me tell you how he proposed.

So, both of us have been throwing around the idea of getting engaged for a while. On a few Saturday nights, I would sit on the sofa with a Rom-Com and a tub of B&J looking on Pinterest at lovely engagement rings, but nothing prepared me for how Matt proposed to me in the perfect Danni way.

It was on Saturday 17th December, I had been at work that day. Matt picked me up at 4pm and asked how my day was, it was an awfully busy day. Matt assured me that I will have a lovely evening and we would go home and have a cup of tea (which always makes me feel better).

We got home and Matt took off my coat, gave me a cuddle and told me to go and open my Advent calendar as I hadn't opened it yet, (and with my serious addiction to chocolate, I always ensure eating my advent is my first daily task throughout December). I told him I didn't really want to right now I just wanted a cup of Tea.

Looking back now, I feel so sorry for Matt as it must of been so frustrating when I didn't go and open my advent calender straight away, but I don't need my arm twisting that much to each chocolate so I went and got my calendar.

I found the 17th, and went to open it, the foil and window were still attached but I could feel there was a weird lump underneath the foil, I thought nothing of it and assumed the chocolate had been dislodged from the mould.

I opened it, and lo and behold was the most beautiful ring in the world. I look around to find Matt and found him down on one knee grinning at me. If I am honest, I can't remember much of what happened next as I was so excited I went into a loved up trance. Matt said so many wonderfully romantic things and of course I said YES!

We then went on to call our family and friends to inform them of the news and have been in a whirlwind of celebrations and love ever since.
It was the most perfect way he could of proposed to me and I will cherish this memory forever.

I cant wait to start planning our wedding but I am more excited about spending the rest of my life with this man.

Much Love

Button Baker

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