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Merry Christmas 🎄

Ohhhhhh the weather outside is.. quite warm actually! Anyway, Merry Christmas! Here are a few photos of what I have been up to!
The month of December, is such a magical time of year. Everyone seems full of cheer, kindness and chocolate and alcohol are considered daily treats without any passing judgement.

This Christmas was my first Christmas away from my family and instead, with Matt's family. It was truly wonderful and although I missed my family dearly, My "soon to be" mother in law created the most magical day.

Christmas Eve, Myself and Matt headed to his parents. We drank wine and snacks and later that evening, Myself, Kim (Matt's Mum) & Jean (Matt's Nan) went to the cinema to watch It's a wonderful life. We had wine and cheese and it was so magical.

Christmas morning we had a yummy breakfast and we went and opened presents. I was absolutely spoilt! And so was Alfie! We had Christmas dinner which was good by my in-laws and we drank and watched films all evening. Bliss.

 Side note- This Christmas jumper is my favourite and I never getting rid of it! :)

On Boxing day, we went for a very brisk walk around Broadway tower. It was a beautiful, crisp winter's day but we couldn't stay up there long as it was freezing!

On the day after boxing day, we headed to London to see Matt's Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.
Matt's Aunt and Uncle very kindly gave us tickets to go up The Orbit and the view was simply breathtaking.

We had a lovely meal with the family, and played some very amusing board games! We went into London on the next day and had a spot of retail therapy and headed off to Winter Wonderland.

 After London, we headed down to Plymouth to spend a few days and New Years with my family.

A truly wonderful week spent with all our family and loved ones.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

Much Love

Button Baker

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