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March is one of my favourite months. Not only is it both mine and Matt's birthdays, the flowers are always starting to bloom and there is always Creme Eggs out! YAY!

Yet again, another year where I am not too fussed on doing anything special for my birthday. I am always so excited to see Friends and Family that I don't care much for gifts.
We had a lovely long weekend down in Cornwall where Matt's parents were also down visiting which was nice. We spent one night in a lovely place in Gwel An Mor with them which had beautiful views of the sea <3!

We saw some cute animals, had a stroll to the beach and then headed off to my parents. We spent the weekend catching up with Friends and Family and we had a celebratory Birthday/Mother's day get together on the Sunday. 
On the Monday, Myself and Matt headed to Bristol as there was two things I craved on my Birthday; Ben's Cookies and Five Guys! 
Oh man, it was just amazing! Somehow it tastes better on your birthday.. go figure! 

We came home, relaxed and the next day Matt attempted to make me some cupcakes. They tasted really nice but presentation was.. amusing! :) 

I actually liked the fact he baked me these as baking has always been such a big part of my life, it was nice for someone to bake something for me :) 

So, 26! Jeez, Not sure how I feel about that if I am honest. I always thought 26 was old and that by now I would have it all figured out but I really don't and that's okay! 
All I know for now is that I will keep baking and blogging and see where I end up :) 

Happy March to you all! And here is a funny photo of me, as ever, with cake! 

Much Love, 

Button Baker 

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