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Au revoir 2017!

As the last few days of 2017 approach us, I am sitting here thinking of all the things I have done over the last 12 months. All the resolutions from last year I have and haven't yet done, all the highs and lows throughout the year and the memories made with friends and family.

Most people are not fond of making New Years Resolutions as many might not stick to them, I personally love making them and welcoming the new year with a fresh outlook.

Here is a list of the resolutions I made this time last year, lets see which I managed to achieve:

  • To read more books - Ongoing
  • Drink more water -Done
  • Exercise more - Not a chance!
  • Save money- Ongoing but massive improvement!
  • Spend more time with Family- yes :) 
  • Care less about what people think of me- Getting there!
  • Be Myself- Done
  • Bake more- YEP!
  • Create my own little business- Done! :D
  • See my Best Friend more often- Not as much as I would like
  • Be more creative- Ongoing
  • Learn a new language- Ongoing
  • Give at least one compliment a day to someone- Ongoing
  • Focus on my blog- Not at all :( Sorry little blog! 

There are many things I found myself adding to this list over the months and looking back at this list I am pleased at the things I have managed to complete. I would admit there are a few on here I really should pay more attention to but then that gives me something to aim towards next year.

2018 is going to be a busy yet exciting year. Buying a house, growing my buisness and spending time with friends and family <3

So I wish you ALL a very happy and healthy New Year!

Much Love

Button Baker

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